Airline style CHILD lifejacket type 105 Child Airline style CHILD lifejacket type 105 Child
Manufactured from polyurethane proofed nylon fabric our lifejackets surpass the stringent tests laid down by both the CAA and the FAA. They provide sufficient buoyancy to force the wearer, even if exhausted or unconscious, into a correct (face upward) flotation position within a matter of seconds and maintain the wearer in this attitude until rescue services arrive. The single-chamber passenger lifejacket is yellow in colour and is of welded construction. The colour of the Crew version is International orange. Each lifejacket is made up of the following components:
A-utomatic inflation system
Oral inflation tube
Water-activated sealight
The Infant Lifejacket has an additional harness, apart from the waistbelt, to lift the infant into or out of the water. The lifeline is used to attach the infant top an adult or to the inside of a liferaft.

The lifejacket is packed in a hard or soft valise to fit a standard stowage or overhead passenger service unit. Other stowages include a semi-rigid container, a tamper-proof, sealed valise, a PVC pouch worn around the waist or a cravat-type constant-wear PVC valise worn around the neck.