Mk 28 lifejacket
The MK 28 crew lifejacket, CAA/FAA approved, offers the same design characteristics as the passenger variant but
is fitted with an orange inflatable stole. It is also available as a Series,1, 2 or 3 providing acombination of different features.


MK28WB Passenger Lifejacket Features

¦ CAA and FAA Approved

¦ Suitable for use in both rotary-wing

and fixed-wing aircraft

¦ Ultra-slim stole pouch

¦ Fully-adjustable webbing waistbelt/backstrap

¦ Immensely strong durable synthetic

fabric stole pouch

¦ Efficient inflatable stole assembly

¦ Proven performance and longevity

¦ Compact, unobtrusive design

¦ Low weight for enhanced comfort

¦ Easy to don and doff

¦ Buoyancy in excess of 170 Newtons

¦ Manually operated CO2 cylinder

¦ Oral top up tube

¦ Automatic battery/light assembly

¦ High visibility reflective tape

¦ Crotch strap

¦ Buddy line

¦ Integral spray hood

¦ Whistle


¦ The MK28WB is manufactured in a single universal size.

MK28 Crew Lifejacket additional Features

¦ Personal Locator Beacon ( PLB) pocket

¦ Equipment Pocket

¦ Flare Pocket

¦ Separate Balaclava Hood

¦ Integral Spray Shield

¦ Crotch straps