AEROSAFE 170N Life Jacket complete with 406 MHz PLB (GPS version)ALSO AVAILABLE FOR HIRE AEROSAFE 170N Life Jacket complete with 406 MHz PLB (GPS version)ALSO AVAILABLE FOR HIRE
The AEROSAFE lifejacket designed particularly to suit light aircraft crew and passengers and fitted with a 406 MHz PLBcw GPS. RescueMe
A blue cordura protective cover prevents chafe and damage to the inflatable stole which provides approximately 40lbs (175 Newtons) of buoyancy.
The lifejacket is worn ready to use, no unfolding or tying of tapes is required and the short length of the folded jacket makes it comfortable to wear when sitting in the aircraft.
Easily inflated within seconds by pulling on the white ring which is held in a position where it is unlikely to become tangled with seatbelts or harnesses.
The jacket is self-righting and is designed to keep head and body at the correct angle. An oral top-up valve is fitted, and a crotch strap to eliminate any possibility of the jacket riding up on the wearer whilst in the water is also provided.
To aid location the lifejacket is high visibility lime green, fitted with strips of retro-reflective tape, a whistle and a light to SOLAS standards.
The lifejacket is adjustable to fit most sizes of adults and is suitable for children down to 135cms in height and 30kgs weight.
Optional extras include a spray-hood which prevents the ingress of fine water spray to the lungs and helps reduce heat loss through the head. Waist belt pouches can also be attached to accommodate a personal locator beacon (PLB), sea marker dye, flares or other items of survival equipment or personal
A fitted mounting kit suitable for use with the of PLB is included on the bladder of the lifejacket so the beacon can be used hands free.